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Are you looking into mere online content to reach your customers? If so, then you’re not seeing the whole picture. Content is no longer enough.

Today, interactive content is the real needle mover: 93% of marketers rate interactive content as the new baseline.

Online shoppers prefer to interact with brands before making a purchase. Interactive content requires users to engage with it rather than passively consuming it. Statistically, that’s what folks prefer.

Think about it.

If our attention span is really 8 seconds, why do consumers spend hours playing video games? Their interactive nature compels us.

Online games are visual, and visual commercial content is nearly forty times more likely to be shared on social media — increasing conversion rates by 85%.

And these conversion numbers don’t stop at sales: the business benefits operate on multiple levels.

Capturing Data

Data about online customers is valuable information. The more you get — verified as accurate and relevant — the more you can optimize your marketing campaigns. However, for many companies, finding effective ways of getting data in a manner people trust is a challenge. So when interactive content prompts consumers to provide that information voluntarily, that problem solves itself.

Increasing Brand Loyalty

Interactive content you use to capture lead data enables you to generate personalized content for your customer, upping brand loyalty.

Highly targeted content marketing will help you establish trust and authority, so you can grow a customer base that will come back again and again.

So what are some types of interactive content that can help your business?

Polls and Surveys

Polls and surveys are the most elemental forms of interactive content, especially on social media. You can quickly set them up to collect useful information from your audience. Ask viewers for consumer feedback on your content, products, or customer service. Entice them to provide personal information, including names, addresses, interests, favoured brands, or anything else that you regard as useful data.

While this approach may feel abrupt to some people, polls and surveys are entirely up front. Nothing fishy can be attributed to this marketing method because your desire for the data is stated clearly, building your brand’s authority and trustworthiness.

Interactive Infographic

Interactive infographics are moving graphics. They may be as simple as displaying a question that flips over to reveal an answer when someone toggles it. Or it can allow users to click on its different elements to learn about them. Other interactives require higher levels of engagement and programming, with different paths to choose to keep your audience clicking and learning about your content.

Interactive Video

According to Wyzowl, 85% of today’s marketers use video, surging from 61% from four years ago.

Video gives you creative freedom with brand messaging, allowing you to engage consumers in ways that text or still imagery cannot accomplish.

For example, a Major Lazer music video depicts a shy boy who enjoys dancing. He hopes to win the girl of his dreams. The video allows viewers to click the screen and switch between “dreams” and “reality,” from which your customers can watch the story unfold. That said, the range of options interactive video offers is limited only by your marketing imagination.

These are just a few examples of the broad range of interactive content you could employ to further your brand’s online reach. Media companies provide this service. Do your business a favour and invest in interactive content.

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