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Google Ads

Visibility and being first are key to any successful marketing campaign. When customers look for your services, it's crucial that you aren't hard to find.

Let Google Ads be your shining light!

Meta Ads

Maximize your brand awareness with the world's most used social networks.

Boost your lead generation results with Facebook and Instagram Ads!

Website SEO

Generating organic traffic is vital to any business's long-term success.

Drive more visibility, traffic, and conversions at scale, and establish another channel for revenue with SEO.

Measure Twice,
Cut Once

Market Analysis

Our journey begins with a conversation. You tell us about your business goals and challenges, and we listen attentively. This stage is all about understanding your vision and expectations. We'll generate an analysis based on everything that's brought to light here.

Analysis of a Landing Page

For the adverts and landing pages, we analyze the copy, design, and user experience, making recommendations to improve as needed, and tweaking further using data once the campaign has gone live.


With our experienced team of PPC consultants, we design a strategy that helps you get results. We define the target audience, budget, bidding strategy, and depending on the campaign goals, in our positions as a Pay Per Click advertising agency, we can either use an automated or manual bidding strategy.

Keyword Selection

Depending on actual CPC (Cost per click) and ranking factors, we define the most optimal and efficient keywords based on your budget.

Setting Up Ads on the Most Effective Channels

Whether this is a multi-channel campaign, or on one platform, such as Google or Facebook, our PPC consultants set up the campaign according to the platform rules.

Craft the Ads Campaign

Our team creates the catchy text for the adverts, relevant design features, and makes edits and tweaks according to what the clients needs before launching it live.

Launch Ads, Results and Reporting

Once the campaign is live, we track the results and provide transparent reporting highlighting the most relevant metrics for your goals (such ROAS, CTR, and CVR).

Success Stories

Destiny Roofing saw a staggering 16.2X ROAS during their least historically profitable month.

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The return on ad spend for campaigns


Weekly average conversions volume increase


Decrease in cost per conversion

Drain Expressโ€™s revenue was up 93% year-over-year for the same period.

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The return on ad spend for campaigns


Weekly average conversions volume increase


Decrease in cost per conversion

"Explore Agency has been instrumental in driving foot traffic to all of our locations."

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The return on ad spend for campaigns


Weekly average conversions volume increase


Decrease in cost per conversion


Oscar Fernandes

Founder, Destiny Roofing

"With their strategic approach, we now dominate search results, attracting more customers than ever. Exceptional results that speak volumes about their dedication to our success!"

Larry Long

Founder, Next Golf

"Since Explore Agency took over our ads strategy, we've seen a monumental surge in regular foot traffic at all of our locations. We've even since expanded to 2 new locations with plans of expanding to 2 more!"

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