Explore Agency Proves Its Place In Canada’s Digital Marketing Industry With Five-Star Streak

explore agency working hard to prove its place in the digital marketing industry

In our relatively short time as a company, Explore Agency has proven time and again that our quality should be counted among the best in the digital marketing industry. We proved it by making numerous partnerships with global platforms and winning several industry awards in the process.

Now we’ve proven it once more as we cover all our bases in ensuring the approval from the most important people in our industry – our clients. Join us as we celebrate our latest five-star review which helps keep our high-scoring streak alive.

This project involved working with KND Complex Litigation, a law firm specialized in class actions within Canada. They wanted to do a complete overhaul of their website and create everything from scratch. This meant creating an entirely new logo, colour palette, headshots, and a completely custom design for their new website.

Being a law firm, they didn’t have an in-house team of creatives, and needed a reliable partner that could deliver what they needed. They chose to partner with us because of our being a local team as well as aligning with KND Complex Litigation’s vision for their new brand.

We’re happy to have been given a five-star rating for this project for two important reasons. First, it validates much of the hard work that our team invested into creating their new brand. You can get all the details on the project by reading the complete review on our Clutch profile. Second, it helps our team keep our current streak of five-star reviews going, further proving the quality of the services we provide.

Thanks to the contribution of this latest review to averages, we’ve recently been included in Clutch’s listings for the top web design companies in Canada. This is an important milestone for our team and marks a culmination of all our dedicated work since we began collecting these reviews from our clients.

But we’re not content with the position that we’re in. We know that we have the potential to reach even greater heights and will work even harder to reach them. It’s for this reason that we invite everyone to visit our website to learn more about the services that we offer. If you see something you like, please feel free to let us know via our contact page. We can’t wait to explore new heights with you.

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